MAY 2017

Thank you

Thank you for giving me inspiration. Thank you for listening. Just ‚Äď thank you. ūüíô

Cara Lauren and Chris Cornell


Heart in the sea

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.‚ÄĚ ~ Mother Teresa

Heart in the sea


April 2017

Finding the pulse of the earth

Finding the pulse of the earth


Where sea & sky meet

Turning inward and following the inhale & exhale of the breath ~ an oft hidden place where the emotional resonance of words can be found.

Where sea and sky meet, Cara Lauren Blog, High Tide An Aquatic Love Story


MARCH 2017

Spring’s shifting energies

Spring, unlike the stillness of winter, represents the¬†beginnings of life.¬†According to Native American mythology,¬†spring is a time of planting¬†in the physical what was once only conceptual. It is a time to seek clarity¬†and illumination of one’s direction and goals; a time to plant carefully that which will yield the most valuable harvest and, as everything is new, represents the perfect opportunity for renewal.

Great Spirit, as I awaken to the light of spring, I see all life represented. The teachings of renewal become apparent as the seed rises from the earth and the sea. Blessed be!

Spring’s Shifting Energies



As spring, a time of new beginnings is literally around the corner, I wanted to make mention of a concept called ‚Äúmindfulness.‚ÄĚ A synonym for this is ‚Äúacceptance.”

Mindfulness, in its simplest sense, means being aware of our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, environment and spiritual state throughout our waking moments.¬†Says Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the¬†Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society,¬†“Mindfulness also involves acceptance, meaning that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we‚Äôre sensing in the present moment.”

It’s about living moment by moment, step by step, breath by conscious breath.

One of the easiest ways to practice this is connecting your breath to nature. Take a few moments each day, and step outside into a natural environment. If this is not possible, open a window and breathe in fresh air. An alternative is to simply sit quietly, and tune into the nature of your own self.

Inhale, hold for 3-2-1, then exhale a longer breath. Repeat. As you breathe in, connect with your external surroundings, such as the color of the sky, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, a network of branches, running water, or anything which connects you to nature. When you breathe out, observe your breath by listening to its sound and the way your lungs feel as you exhale. Then do this process in reverse: When inhaling, connect with your lungs as they re-inflate, listen to your breath and consider your cells as they saturate with oxygen. When exhaling, observe your breath as it leaves your body, releasing back into nature.

By engaging in this exercise each day, we can begin to build awareness and compassion, two things which are healthful on multiple levels, not to mention helpful in writing and other creative arts.

Acceptance, Cara Lauren Blog, March 2017



When does all light disappear?

At a depth of 3300 feet, the last remnants of light will have disappeared, leaving the ‚Äúocean deep‚ÄĚ swathed in darkness. So much of this world remains unknown to us.¬†In 1960, two men in a bathyscaphe descended to the deepest part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. And, in March of 2012, filmmaker James Cameron completed the world‚Äôs deepest solo dive into the same area, reaching a depth of 35,756 feet, or just over 7 miles. More than two-thirds of the Earth‚Äôs surface is covered in ocean water, yet less than 5% of the oceans have been explored.

When does all light disappear? Cara Lauren Blog, February 2017


A bridge to somewhere

The only veil that stands between perception and oblivion is expectation.

Bridge to somewhere, Cara Lauren Blog, February 2017



Each individual energy as it contributes to the whole

When writing, I consider each character: human (or not), plant, animal and location to know them on a deeper level. The characters ARE the story, and each imbues emotion into every chosen word.

Each individual energy as it contributes to the whole


Happy New Year!

May 2017 be filled with plenty of magic for all, and with it, opportunities to shine your own, unique light into the world. I’m very grateful to bring the stories of three, special males not *quite* of this world to you,¬†and hope they move you as much as they have moved me.

In the meantime, enjoy this aerial/time-lapse 4K video of the Pacific Northwest ‚Äď the setting of HIGH TIDE, book #1 in the TIDE series.

Bliadhna Mhath √ôr!



Winter’s first light

As we pass through the longest¬†night of the year, on December 21,¬†winter’s first light is born, and along with it, the traditional rebirth of the sun. As the days grow in length, life begins to reappear in its various forms, reminding us that life is cyclic in nature, literally. But before then, we hold in the dormancy of the dark and the cold, preparing our goals for the new¬†year. Energies are charged, conserved and turned¬†inward¬†during this phase of renewal.

The I Ching, or Book of Changes is one of the most well-known, ancient texts of the Chinese. Consisting of 64 hexagrams, the I Ching is often consulted as a form of divination. Hexagram #24, The Return, contains a perfect summation of the season:

After a time of decay, comes the turning point. The powerful light that has been banished returns. There is movement, but it is not brought about by
force. Transformation of the old becomes easy. The old is discarded and the new is introduced.

Blessings to all during this Winter Solstice and safe passage in your journeys.
Winter's First Light


The energetic connection of food

According to American psychologist Abraham Maslow,¬†there are specific motivational needs related to human behavior, all of which contribute towards one’s potential. In particular,¬†the metabolic requirement of food is essential as without it,¬†survival is nonviable.

In writing, there is another way of looking at these needs, in that, they represent an intimate connection to a character. The idea of feeding someone can be very personal, as food, or lack thereof, directly contributes to quality of life.

I recently wrote a scene where a minor character fed the protagonist. At that moment, I realized inadvertently, I had elevated the power of the lesser character. Fortunately for our protagonist, the two were dear friends, and, in writing the next scene where our main character had to do something important, I was reassured he would be at full strength, given his recent, nutrient-packed nourishment.
The energetic connection of food



Barren woods

“I listened to the leaves, for even in death, they shared their stories.” ~ Cara

Barren Woods, Cara Lauren Blog, High Tide An Aquatic Love Story


Meditation Monday

Pick a leaf ūüé≠ Make a wish ūüćā Make it happen ūüĆü

Meditation Monday
Water, underwater
Energy follows thought;
we move toward, but not beyond,
what we can imagine.
What we assume, expect, or believe
creates and colors our experience.
By expanding our deepest beliefs
about what is possible,
we change our experience of life.
~ Dan Millman, The Laws of Spirit

Water, underwater, Cara Lauren Blog, High Tide An Aquatic Love Story



Of sensing things unseen

It was in the rain and the wind, nothing that could be seen, or heard but rather, a sense of something ‚Äúelse.‚ÄĚ Samhain, the Gaelic festival taking place between October 31 and November 1 had arrived a few days early, it seemed.

The ancients believed the veil between the physical world and the spiritual was at its most transparent during this time. And, with the shorter days’ light rapidly being consumed by darkness, it would be fitting for such a thing to occur.

One way of looking is to embrace comfort in the unknown. The acceptance that one is never truly ‚Äúalone,‚ÄĚ and that even in the tiniest of details, Spirit can be found.

Happy Samhain!

Of sensing things unseen


The shaman tree

In classic shamanism, trees are thought to be pathways for spirits traveling between heaven, earth and the underworld, with the trunks, branches and leaves acting as a mystical playground for otherworldly beings. On a cellular note, trees produce enough oxygen in one season to support the life of ten people over the course of a year.*
*Source: Arbor Day Foundation

the shaman tree


The palette had changed

Such a strange dichotomy exists in this season of autumn. On one hand, a poignant warmth drenches the senses, filled with oranges, reds, yellows and sepias. And yet, this palette is met with the stark chill of the breath, settling on the earth in a harsh reminder of the cold yet to come.  

The palette had changed



The fairy lake

“Destiny grants us our wishes but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy Autumn Equinox! ūüćÉūüćā

The fairy lake


The water, relentless…

…sought to reshape the landscape upon its repeated assaults. Engraved its name in the heart of the stones, persisted in slamming them,¬†as if¬†they could be worn, could be moved, could be changed.

And they were.

The water relentless


A cloudy ocean

I could almost imagine these were the waves of the sea, if not for the branches covered with leaves.

A cloudy ocean



The path

I walked through the wetlands not too long ago, but to call it so is truly an oxymoron. The wooden walkway which, in months past, bridged the way through these swampy lands was itself, parched. Lush, green grasses had turned a sickly yellow and majestic branches drooped as low as they could, as if to dip themselves into the last vestiges of moisture.

I stopped to acknowledge¬†the ‘energy of place,’ seeking solace in¬†knowing¬†this was a temporary state of being.¬†In a few, short months, the land would turn frozen underneath tightly-packed snow. Branches would cradle the sparkling, winter precipitation and the grasses would be long dead, in preparation for the new life of spring.

At¬†that moment, this¬†puckered earth revealed signs of life I hadn’t noticed before. A¬†turtle crawled onto a¬†fallen branch, a dragonfly rose from a reed and a bird ‚Äď no, birds ‚Äď sang a few feet from where I stood.

The earth had sent a powerful message. And it was humbling.

The path


The summer of August

In the twilight, before a day-worn sun settles in for the night, there is a certain magic. Perhaps in this vulnerability,¬†there is a promise of a deeper relationship¬†between “us” and the natural world. There is satisfaction, too, in the bounty of what was planted in the spring.

In this collection of the harvest, an unmistakable tinge in the air reminds us we are in the summer of August. In growth, we see the beginnings of decay. Flowering plants and trees overflowing with fruit are left bare. During this transition, the landscape itself reminds us to embrace the same: for as midsummer passes, the chill in the coming dawn will bring us inward, closer to our own roots.

The summer of August


July 2016

The character of your characters

Writing from one’s voice is essentially writing authentically. And as such, it’s often hard to categorize one’s work. Mine is a combination of romance, science fiction, fantasy and fiction, with strong environmental and spiritual elements. But whatever the classification, writing authentically means narrating the story truthfully, while preserving the “character of your¬†characters” as they live and make choices within their specific worlds.

HIGH TIDE manuscript


The water, incarnate

“The ocean flowed silent, powerful, covering every square inch of walkable earth. And I was forced to concede that I belonged here, within the waves. I finally made peace with that; with myself.” ~ Cara Lauren

The water, incarnate



Sailing in the waves of a mid-morning¬†sky…

july blog


JUNE 2016

By dawn’s early light

The rays of the sun seeped through the early-morning woods, warming every bloom, branch, stone, bug and bird. The reward of that which was gently awakened in the spring was evidenced in the lush greenery filling the forest. Intoxicating sights and smells permeated my senses, encouraging me to walk deeper into this living art.

Individual¬†nuances, shades and textures¬†combined to form a mosaic of story, where each element was as relevant¬†as what they created. This subtle but profound lesson is also applicable in writing: there are singular “characters” (human, non-human, setting, etc.) then there are combinations, forming other¬†characters, or elements of story. A deeper understanding of each results in a more profound experience for both the reader and author.

Happy Summer Solstice!

By dawn's early light



Daily inspiration…


As waters spill, unseen…

The idea of a creative work as a transformational tool has always intrigued me. Granted, we as readers need to be emotionally connected to something in order for it to fully resonate. But this goes deeper. Imagine the power of water,¬†underwater, as it swirls and plummets, rises and plunges ‚Äď all the while, changing the landscape upon which it touches, changing the quality of water surrounding it, and¬†changing¬†itself.

Read my latest article here.



MAY 2016

Fragrances of spring: the emotional nature of writing

On my Sunday morning walk, I was suddenly surrounded by sweet-smelling blossoms, their petals, drenched in sun-kissed pinks and purples. Every bit as dazzling as the visuals, were the intoxicating scents emanating from these flowers. I was reminded that in order to be fully present within a moment (or when writing, in a character, or a scene), one has to activate as many of the senses as possible.

Encapsulating a moment

  • A strong visual can paint¬†the backdrop for an associated emotion
  • A clear scent can trigger¬†a past recollection or a present emotion
  • A single or combined sound can convey information associated with a specific emotion
  • A touch can spark¬†an instantaneous transfer of emotion
  • A taste can evoke an intimate sense of emotion

That which ties the senses together ‚Äď sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste ‚Äď are our emotions. And what is the key element in any, successful story? You guessed it ‚Ästthe ability to generate an emotional experience. I have always believed that ‘story’ is the stitching together of several, “immersive” scenes, having the capability of¬†enveloping the reader or viewer. Upon their release, the reader/viewer is able to access a heightened, emotional response which can then be applied in their personal lives.

In gratitude for nature’s¬†awakening,

Fragrances of Spring


On love: The morning light

As dawn’s first light bled through the upper slats of the vertical blinds, she realized, unequivocally, that she loved him.

They were connected in the ways of a committed¬†marriage, where each partner vows to love and cherish the other. And yet, while they¬†shared the light of such a relationship, her bond with him also had its roots in darkness. For it was that day, the day she met him, when she lost her innocence. She didn’t lose her life as much as she lost her levity; became burdened with a loneliness she couldn’t quell. There was no suppressing this realization,¬†the sun that had now permeated throughout the entire room, had ensured that.

Notes from the TIDE series, © 2016 Cara Lauren

morning light


Happy May, or Mí Bhealtaine (month of Beltane)

We celebrate the dominance of the sun, and its warming influence on the wildness of the earth, encouraging growth and the expression of ‚ÄúAll That Is.‚ÄĚ Time to listen to the streams as they rush down earth-encrusted channels, in their quest to nurture and cleanse. Time to feel the fire on one‚Äôs skin as our blood is heated, in an affirmation of the life-giving, iron-rich river coursing through our bodies. Time to take the wind in our lungs as we stand gently upon the soil and exchange breath with this planet Earth. Beannachta√≠!

Happy May, or Mí Bhealtaine (month of Beltane)!


APRIL 2016

When the whales come home

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the mighty¬†St. Lawrence River in Quebec ‚Äď home to a wide variety of cetaceans. The largest animals on the planet, blue whales, as well as the distinctly marked Atlantic white-sided dolphins may¬†be observed swimming in these waters between May and October of each year.

On this particular day in April, amidst the gray¬†and fog, the smell of salt was prevalent in the water-logged air. And while the whales were just shy of their return, with the imminent reproduction of krill and capelin, I could sense the river’s preparation for their arrival.¬†This¬†biologically-diverse ecosystem spans¬†almost 750 miles and easily¬†fits the title, “the great river of Canada.”

When the whales come home


Underwater rain

When I heard the rumblings of a late-night thunderstorm, I couldn’t help but open the windows. The rain fell inside, dampening the screens and leaving a light mist on the wooden floor. I peered outside at a large evergreen tree, immediately feeling the connection of the elements from the sway of its bark to the dampened wood underneath my feet. I spent many moments like this,¬†in the rain and wind, and felt ‘story’ flowing through me as I was cleansed; replenished.

Photo: The view of raindrops from underneath the ocean, credit: Andrew Howley/National Geographic

Underwater rain


MARCH 2016

Spring’s new beginnings

On the Native American¬†medicine wheel, spring represents a time of new beginnings. Unlike the inward properties¬†of winter, where ideas are formed, yet lack physical form, spring is¬†the bearer of life, bringing fresh energy ‚Äď via the wind, the rain and the sun ‚Äď to one’s visions and goals.

Great Spirit, as the days turn from darkness to light, may our inspiration manifest into the highest and the best actions. Blessed be!



The ocean deep

Writing on virtual location from magical and mysterious worlds.

Dark Ocean


A year of unveiling

Hard to believe it’s been just over a year since I endeavored to bring the¬†TIDE series¬†from the sea to the stage, in a matter of speaking.¬†And in the process, it’s been an illuminating year, one where the characters of these three books made their presence known in deeply stirring and often unexpected ways.

As a storyteller, my allegiance is to the characters, making sure they are represented as unabashed as possible. My other role is to convey the plot succinctly, retelling events as the characters experienced them.

Last month I explored what happens when characters change their minds.¬†Characters, both “real” and otherworldly are influenced¬†by day-to-day events. Thus, their choices need to be fluid, and sometimes,¬†in order to remain¬†authentic, they are compelled to take a different course¬†of action. One character, through the exploration of his story, found himself in a deeper manner and for better or worse, acted on these revelations. When the time is right you will meet him; meet all of them…

And so, as we “march” nearer and nearer to spring, a time traditionally associated with the beginnings of life, may we all¬†plant carefully that which will yield the¬†greatest harvest.



Cara Lauren copyright 2016



When characters change their minds

I have spent so much time with my characters, both in and out of story. They are with me when I write, remind me of their presence when something in my life reminds me of themselves, and reveal their unique nuances when I am still and quiet.

Such was the case during the months of writing High Tide, book #1 of the three book trilogy of the TIDE series, when one, lead character changed his mind, thus forever altering the course of the story.

Read my latest article here.

The fragments of character


Evening light

As the warmth of the sun fades from the sky, the ice strengthens its grip on the mid-winter lake.

Evening light



And the river runs underneath

Sunday morning walk: I was surrounded by the sounds of water ‚Äď a¬†river, determined to push past the ice¬†which clung¬†to the banks in a misplaced trust. The ice was thin, so much so that my boots cracked the fragile crust. A cardinal chirped as it flew from one branch to the next. Suddenly the river triumphed as a large, chunk of ice broke off and within moments, the solid mass had been absorbed into the current.

It was frightening, fascinating. The water held so much power, as did the trees which stood as sentinels. And there it was, plain as the snow which had begun to fall: I felt as if I was being watched. I silenced my breath, desiring to blend in with the environment, but had it all wrong. Correcting myself, I emptied my lungs of air, paused, then inhaled deeply. In that breath I imagined “pulling in” all the elementals of the forest, the invisible mist of the water, the chill of the air, and the granules of the frozen earth. I continued to visualize all these scents, colors and textures coalescing into a single source of energy. And they did.

I did.

I felt the merging of energies, yet sensed levity. Although it is so difficult to commit these emotions to paper, there was definitely a sense of rejoicing, as if a level of communication had been tapped into. It was snowing harder now, and my feet began to get cold. I offered my gratitude to all the energies of place, and glanced down at the ice upon which I would step onto. The ice ‚Äď the river ‚Äď the moisture of my breath = all parts of the same whole. And I was not alone.

~ Cara

And the river runs over


Between two worlds

“With two feet in only one world, I would only live a half life.” ~ Cara

Between two worlds


It’s a new day ‚Äď and a new year!

Bliadhna Mhath √ôr! / Happy New Year!

Photo: Peppermint-drenched branches, January, 2016

It's a new day ‚Äď and a new year!



The intertwining of mythology and reality

In writing the books of the TIDE series, I have gained a greater comprehension of the relationship between the mythology and reality of the worlds we inhabit. There are some things which are mutable, and others, fixed. Yet, the building blocks or the original materials are of a common pool. Thus, there cannot be true separation.

The mythology of the MER indicates¬†that the soul is tangible, and¬†can be interacted with. The soul’s purpose, however, remains fixed, in that there are certain realities which must be adhered to. In writing a complex mythology such as this,¬†the framework of¬†what is possible versus what is impossible must also be closely considered. In doing so, the mythology itself becomes more grounded; more real.

Frozen Water



The energy of place

For me, the ideal writing space holds a specific energy. It can be as small as a room with a candle, or as grand as the cliffs in the Shetland Islands, where all the senses are filled with the air, land and sea of place.

What is unique about such a space is that the energy seems to permeate one’s work, in that, for example, the essence of the sea can be felt flowing through the very words being written. I have noticed this in my own writing, as a certain rhythm, specific to the energy of place, begins to resonate with, and through the composition itself.

Having said this, there is a benefit to writing on location, no matter how long or short the duration. Imagine being filled with the elements in their most potent of forms, fueling one’s creative endeavors. Taisteal go maith!

Shetland Islands


The non-linear movement of time

Sunday morning walk: The rocks are damp, bathed repeatedly by cold, pre-winter waves. I am reminded of the constant movement of life, from the blood flowing in our veins to the rhythm of these big bodies of water. Movement which I’ve come to realize, is not always linear.

Cold waves, cold rocks


Samhain blessings

As our focus turns inward, the external move towards the darkness and coming of winter is marked by Samhain, the Gaelic festival which takes place between October 31 and November 1. This celebration is also referred to as ‚ÄúAll Souls Night,‚ÄĚ and for good reason as the ancients believed the veil between the manifest, or physical world and the spirit, or intangible world is at its thinnest during this time.

The MER conduct themselves differently, treating the soul as tangible at all times, as they feel it represents the ‚Äúvital presence and life force in all living things.*‚ÄĚ Key is their belief that the soul is sacred, yet, able to be interacted with.

So, as the chill of increasingly seductive winds move in and around us, with darkness rapidly consuming the light, we must take the opportunity proffered to connect with our muse (or muses) and allow their expression to surface from the ocean deep.


*Source: High Tide, book #1 in the TIDE series.




Sunrise sonata

While observing the early morning, early-autumn Atlantic ocean, I noted the continuous interplay of shadow and light; of levity and oppression and of the ebb and flow of seemingly opposite energies. The ocean’s performance that morning was riveting, in that there were endless shades of light and darkness, and without one, the other wouldn’t ‚Äď couldn’t ‚Äď exist.

I’ve spent many months with the characters of the TIDE series. I’ve watched them grow, love, grieve, survive and adapt, all within the framework of an intimate relationship with All That Is. The MER have always known and embraced what we somehow continue to question: They that love beyond the worlds cannot be separated by them.

I look so very forward to sharing their story with you. Coming 2016.

Sunrise sonata



Autumnal equinox

In the Northern Hemisphere, the autumnal equinox occurs on the 23rd of this month. With its rotation from warm to cool; from activity to dormancy; from density to transparency, it’s considered one of¬†the most introspective times of the year. According to certain traditions, the division between life and death moves towards its thinnest point, culminating on or around the 31st of October (Samhain). Autumn presents a welcome break from the oft hectic and long days (and nights) of summer. With cool breezes and crisp evenings, and leaves which seem to float in the air before settling on the ground in a myriad of colors, this month¬†provides a perfect opportunity to review that which is left on this year’s “to do” list. It’s a great time to analyze which efforts produced the greatest yield, so to speak, and what, if anything needs to be re-vamped, prior to the “rest and reboot”¬†of winter. Allow your¬†breath to absorb the breath of the earth, and keep an inward focus as you move through this beautiful season. Blessed be!

a pathway less traveled

Late bloomer

Sunday morning walk: amidst these obvious signs of autumn, comes a late bloomer…

Sunday morning walk dandelion and autumn leaves



Last harvest

In a reminder of life’s never-ending cycle, the end of August, with it’s subtle chill tingeing¬†the night air, is a time of last harvest. We¬†honor the mortality/immortality of each individual¬†life as death gives way to rebirth. In this instance, the energy of a plant, after first reaching¬†its pinnacle in the flowering top, then gradually moving¬†into the stalk, finally¬†concentrates it’s last harvest in the root system ‚Äď thus ensuring a well-earned slumber.¬†Blessings to the earth as she prepares to cradle her sleeping souls, moving¬†us into the introspection of autumn.

Ice sand sculptures

Photo credit: Joshua Nowicki


Nature’s natural state¬†

Like the ebb and flow of the tide, in nature’s natural state, so is light and darkness, both healing and harming.¬†Take the thistle plant: while offering an uplifting, violet flower, thorn-covered leaves surround it’s crowning gem. A stable equilibrium, or homeostatic environment¬†demands self-regulation, where without prejudice, without judgment, nature will seek to maintain its own balance and survival.

thistle flower


JULY 2015

Sunday morning walk

On my Facebook and Twitter pages, my Sunday post generally consists of a walk I like to take, either in the morning or afternoon, pending weather. Even then, there is something to be said about strolling in the woods, with rain falling down and lush green all around. The location varies. Today, I encountered these yellow coneflowers, captured in the hazy, red-orange hues of mid-July.

yellow coneflowers


The MER theory of souls

The MER believe in an unmanifest (etheric) world ‚Äď the world of Spirit and a manifest world ‚Äď the world of the physical. The union of the two worlds, the manifest and the unmanifest, shape one’s purpose and destiny on earth. A purposeful or “purpose-filled” life is a life guided by a combination of free will and destiny. Love is the highest expression of this.

MER theory of souls


JUNE 2015

As above, so below

As above, so below, through time and grace, where mountains appear to float in space…
Sky above and below


June – an expression of abundant life

In an exchange of the tide’s ebb and flow; of the sun’s rotation from darkness to day, we return to the longest period of light. The June Solstice occurs on or around the 21st, as the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

Midsummer, or Litha, although traditionally a fire festival, also has its origins in water. With the fruition of that which was planted in spring, the earth has absorbed both water and sunlight, continuing to do so until her bounty is ready for harvest.

Great Spirit, as I actively seek to immerse myself in this expression of light and life, I pause to give blessings to All That Is. Blessed be!

Mid-summer water solstice


MAY 2015

Happy May, or Mí Bhealtaine (month of Beltane)!

We celebrate the dominance of the sun, and its warming influence on the wildness of the earth, encouraging growth and the expression of “All That Is.” Time to listen to the streams as they rush down earth-encrusted channels, in their quest to nurture and cleanse. Time to feel the fire on one’s skin as our blood is heated, in an affirmation of the life-giving, iron-rich river coursing through our bodies. Time to take the wind in our lungs as we stand gently upon the soil and exchange breath with this planet Earth. Beannachta√≠!

Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland


The interrelationship of “beginning” and “end”

Endings are only beginnings, masked in fewer letters. Just like the tide, where ebb & flow move in a single continuum.

The “un” said

So powerful is the white space between words ‚Äď whether they be written or spoken ‚Äď as it’s the place where all potential resides.

tidal ebb and flow


Time, in its own time

I’ve always believed that “timing” and “time” weave the cosmic as well as the deliberate. In other words, when the energy is ripe, things happen, or CAN happen with greater ease. To combine intuition with intention ensures we are both receptive and willing to move forward (and sometimes back) with grace.

ocean anemone


APRIL 2015

Locations! Locations!

I’m honored to share I have visited many of the locations where the TIDE series¬†take place. High Tide, book #1¬†is set in the Pacific Northwest. With looming mountains, mist, sea stacks, underwater sea mounts and a vast body of water, what better location for the MER to live?

The waters off South Carolina hold a special place in the TIDE series, weaving through the story from the very beginning, when the heroine in book #1 was a young child. Rough yet at the same time, gentle. Welcoming yet mysterious. Patient yet unforgiving. This ocean is ever-changing and the keeper of many secrets.

Pacific Northwest


MARCH 2015

My writing process

While I write and edit¬†High Tide, book #1 in the¬†TIDE¬†series, I also work on books #2 and #3. I equate the first, three books to a giant, jigsaw puzzle. I will fill in a piece “over there,” and another “down here” and then suddenly another story arc or character reveal makes its presence known “to the left, or right of that.” In other words, all three books are closely tied in to one another ‚Äď so much so that I am completing all three, even as #1 remains my primary focus.

Atlantic Shoreline



Mid-February ancient origins

In ancient Rome, mid-February represented a celebration of wilderness, embodying the spirit of the wolf.

“We need the tonic of wildness‚ĶAt the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.‚ÄĚ ~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

Ice cupid


Meditations in motion; meditations in stillness

I’ve often thought of yoga, or other activities as “meditations in motion,” and the act of taking ‘time out’ as “meditations in stillness.” Writing is similar, in that it takes both action and reflection to craft each word. Much in the same way as paint is applied to a canvas, words become energy, creating a visceral, and unique experience.

typewritten words


The ocean deep

Has part of our evolutionary journey connected us to the sea, in ways we cannot comprehend?


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